THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF MANUAL SMALL INCISION CATARACT SURGEONS (ISMSICS) is an organization to promote excellence, accessibility and in cataract surgery. The organization aims to improve outcomes of cataract surgery while providing better vision to patients at an affordable cost. The organization is surgeon focused and surgeon driven- of, for and by cataract surgeons.

ISMSICS is dedicated organization to research and development in the field of cataract surgery, especially manual small incision cataract surgery, to make cataract surgery more accessible, affordable and give patients the best of vision.

  • Academic Events

    The society regularly conducts academic events and CME's across the globe. The flagship annual world congress has also been initiated since a year.

  • Article submission

    The society releases an annual publication (print format) at its annual conference. The society also releases fortnightly newsletters for its members.

  • Accreditation

    The society develops MSICS training programs for teachers and recognises institutes as MSICS training centres.


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